My Story

About 6 years ago I embarked on my fitness journey. It all started with a 12 week transformation. In 12 weeks I went from 270lbs to 210lbs!! At my lowest I've been 175lbs! Nearly 100lbs of fat loss.

It all started when I was 18 years old. Growing up for most of my childhood I was sick with autoimmune issues, thus I had no athletic background. I had no idea how to create this change within myself, but I knew I was ready to change. I just knew I was sick of always feeling my stomach hang over the waistline of my pants, or wearing baggy clothing so that it wouldn’t cling to my stomach and pectorals. I didn’t want anyone having a clue what I looked like under my clothing. I wasn’t just hiding my body, I was hiding who I was. I was so frustrated because I knew there was a better me under there. With everything I tried, nothing seemed to work. I was so lost, confused, and becoming hopeless. I felt like I was setting a bad example for myself and those that called me a friend (I didn't have that many at the time).

It wasn't until, remind you never having experienced a gym or even having a clue of what a healthy meal looked like, I threw myself to the wolves. After struggling for a bit, and conquering the fear of going to a gym, I did some research. I learned what to eat and what to do in the gym through an online fitness coach and personal trainer. I kept going to the gym with positive like minded people. I grew my own support system, that I chose and for the most part I paid to have in my life (coaches and trainers). With that help and support I was able to run off and start my transformation. 

On the left, 270lbs wearing all baggy clothing for my senior photos. On the right, 13 weeks later 175 lbs happy and healthy.

On the left, 270lbs wearing all baggy clothing for my senior photos. On the right, 13 weeks later 175 lbs happy and healthy.

By the end of my 12 weeks I had found a new lease on life. I had a new found confidence that I never thought I would achieve. The fact that I had lost 95lbs was only the surface value. I could socialize without anxiety and I could actually talk to girls!!! This was huge considering I was soon going to college.

I know live in this place of constant confidence. I'm always self assured and I know I'm setting a great example for my life and friends, because I now live by the principles I learned through this transformation. My life now feels as if it is under control. No more second guessing myself or fearing what others think of me. I live by "the state of your body, is the state of your life" and my body is working at optimal levels. 

This journey eventually led me to a life decision of making health and fitness my life’s work. I graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology with a focus as a Health and Fitness Specialist. Since this journey began I have had the pleasure of helping so many other people improve their lives. I have worked with everyone including,  high school athletes, elite pro athletes, house wives, extremely medically obese individuals, young business professionals, and even parkinsonian patients. Through health and fitness we are able to free the mind of doubt and anxiety. We can transform our bodies into what it is we WANT and ENVISION for ourselves.

Will you be my next transformation?

In your journey to become pain free, feel good about your body image, be strong, and just overall enjoy life, we become close friends. This isn't just Personal Training or online coaching, this is developing a friendship with someone that will help you through life. I will push you when you need to be pushed and encourage you when things don't seem to be going your way. This experience is about you becoming your best self, and it's a journey that I am so blessed to be involved.