How about this for a #motivationmonday post. I just completed a 6-week challenge with Perform Daily Fitness that started on December 31st. It focused on nutrition, macros, exercise, confidence, teamwork, motivation, and more. The pictures on the left are from June 2018 right before we started at PDF. The pictures on the right were this morning. Starting weight in June 2018 was 213lbs (the heaviest I have ever been). I worked out, gained some muscle, but wasn’t eating right, so I hit 215 in December. Today, I weighed in at 199.6! Hard work and motivation in seeing actual results made this possible for me! There were a lot of time I wanted to be like “nah, give me the burger and fries with EXTRA cheese and a pitcher of beer” but I wanted to keep seeing results! As Jackie put it, she can see my under belly now! 😂

This isn’t over! We are gonna keep following close to our meal plans and continue our weight loss (just with a cheat day here and there because we are human and enjoy greasy food occasionally).

If you enjoy seeing results and want to see similar results like I did, please contact Drew. He will change your life!



On the left is after 2 months of training

On the left is after 2 months of training

"I've always been self conscious of my body but with the help of @performdailyfitness, Drew has really helped me work on not only my body but my confidence. Feeling healthy makes all the difference! #bootybydrew"


“I’ve been working with Perform Daily Fitness for about 10 months through online coaching and dieting. I've worked with several coaches over the last few years, but Drew has been the best by far. He programs specific, weekly training routines to meet my goals. Currently, my goals are directed more towards powerlifting. Since beginning, we have added about 100 pounds to my powerlifting total in just a few short months; I've never felt so strong and comfortable with heavier weight in the few years I've been doing this. During this period of time, I've learned that it's not just about how much weight I can move, but instead and more importantly, consistency, form, and taking care of my body are key to this process. PDF has helped me realize this, and because of that, not only has my diet begun to improve, but my mechanics while lifting have improved 100% as well. Coach Drew understands how to critique form and hold me accountable on my diet, which ultimately helps keep me safe in the gym and improves my lifting performance. It has been such a pleasure working with Perform Daily Fitness, and I'm just so thankful to have been able to gain so much knowledge, confidence, and strength as well as  gaining a ride or die coach, who I can now call a friend!”




"Like any lifter when I first started I was hitting PRs left and right but when injury hit due to my job, I hit a plateau that I could not over come by myself. I was having a really difficult time emotionally and physically when it came to my lifts and was not receiving the support I needed from my coach. Then I started with Drew. I have not only PR’d my lifts but I've over come all my mobility issues with just a few simple adjustments to form and some simple accessory work! I cannot tell you how much of a breath of fresh air it is to have a coach who understands who you are and puts together a program for you on which you thrive. I have never felt better, preformed better, and in my opinion looked better in my life. Drew has been more than a coach to me he has also became a great friend. Every kilo I lift efficiently and pain free over my head I owe to him!!!” 



"I grew up with the mindset that being strong and muscular wasn't feminine. Years of working at a desk had left me with poor posture and significant shoulder pain that hindered my daily activities. I tried massage, dry needling, anti inflammatory medicines and muscle relaxants. Nothing provided anything more than temporary relief.


At 55 years old, I started strength training hoping to increase my stamina and endurance, maintain my bone density and improve my shoulder pain.

Drew has developed programs for me that have stretched and strengthened my shoulder and most days I am pain free. On "bad shoulder" days, he is always willing to adapt my program to either help me press through the pain, or work around it. He always knows what I can do, even when I think that I can't. Now, at 57 years old, I am squatting and deadlifting upwards of 200 lbs and benching around 150lbs. I feel stronger and more confident than ever and I have Drew to thank for encouraging me when I felt that I was too old and out of shape to start a strength-training program."



"I have only been lifting for about six months now. Before I started training with Drew, my experience with lifting consisted of doing a few back squats with just the bar and really no coaching on form. A few days ago, I actually found a picture of my first squat and compared to now, the difference is night and day. Now after a mere six months with Drew, I’ve already hit two long-term goals of back squatting and dead lifting over 100 kg.

After the first month or two, once I really started dead lifting, I started experiencing some really bad back pain when I lifted pretty much anything. I told Drew about it and after making changes to my program, he helped me strengthen my back and that pain is gone. It wasn’t easy, but Drew helped me work through it. Now all I’m left with is that soreness that just reminds me of another great work out.


Thanks to Drew, I have never felt stronger and I have never felt better."



"During my senior year of high school, I broke my back.  I could barely walk before the pain started to become excruciating. Lifting had become a struggle for me. I would try to lift free weights but the pressure in my back would build and I couldn’t handle the pain it caused. I mean I would try to do a 50lbs squat and my back could barely handle that. I was stuck to just machines and I hated it. I wasn’t getting the strength I needed for my core to protect my spine. I ended up running for the last four years and that helped a lot. Not only did I lose all the fat I gained from being sedentary for a year and a half but I lost most of my muscle mass and I didn’t look like an athlete anymore. So, I sought out Drew. I knew he could help me. Working with him the last eight weeks has been nothing but amazing and spectacular. I can squat over 145lbs and dead lift over 200lbs, for reps! I finally look like an athlete again and I can’t wait to start my next program and see just how strong I can become. Working with Drew is a decision you will never regret and each training session will be something you will be dying to get to."



"Working with you (Drew) has only helped my confidence even more. And in different ways. Changed my life. It's why I have no fear inside the wrestling world anymore. I have no hesitation pursuing the pinnacle. I can see and feel my body transforming and progressing thru the work that we do. And that makes me more confident. Not feeling like my body was good enough has been a major source of doubt and insecurity for years."




"I used to be a swimmer but I never considered myself to be really good at it. Sure, I could do the laps and the sets, but I did not feel strong or fast. I struggled with going to the gym on my own. I needed direction and someone to tell me what to do. 

I went to Drew just with the intention of trying out strength training, never having done anything like it before. We started with a simple movement test, easy enough, and I blew it out of the park. My movement was great, apparently.

I started training with Drew last March, and I had the intention of getting toned. Honestly, I did not know what I wanted. Drew made the programs based on some input I provided and I followed them. 
I saw results and progress almost immediately! I was actually good at what I was doing. It was so motivating and inspiring. I wanted to tell everyone. I was so proud of myself, my accomplishments, and the amazing form I have for my squats. 

I continue to strength train because of how motivating it is to get new PRs and how great it makes me feel. I see results and so do others. It makes me feel confident and I love telling people I strength train, just because it invokes crazy reactions. It inspires others to get fit. Seriously, I’m a small person. 

If I can do it, you can. 

I cannot thank Drew enough for encouraging me. He has been incredibly supportive."




"It's been a little over three months since I started training with Drew at Perform Daily Fitness. I cannot put into words how much confidence training has given me in regards to my body. Since starting training I have not done cardio once, have done solely strength training only, and unfortunately haven't even changed my eating habits. With that you can still see a huge difference in my body shape from this three month time period and I am speechless. I used to think all I wanted to do was lose weight and tone up, but once I started training, it made me feel even better about myself to be able to see improvements in weights and my abilities. I have not stepped on a scale once in these past few months and am glad I haven't, because what matters is how I feel about how I'm looking, not the number on the scale. I hit a personal PR today on bench and with 30kilos and could not be happier. It just keeps getting better. I encourage all of you to start putting into motion things you've been considering for years and start bettering yourself mentally and physically. Okay, rant over. ❤💪🏻" 




"You know what the best part of my training program with Drew Shoemaker? He builds relationships with his clients. A trainer/coach doesn't have to be your friend because they are there to make money and hopefully make you stronger as a result. With Drew, he is my trainer but also my friend and when I cannot find happiness or peace within the studio, I will find it in his gym. He is not about money, crazy diets or whacked out training theories, this is his passion and I am lucky to work with him 3 times a week."




Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 2.09.25 PM.png

"I dare to say every coach needs a coach. I've been working with Drew Shoemaker for about 4 weeks now and my lifting has improved tremendously. Around this time a year ago my 1 rep max back squat was 145lbs. Yesterday I squatted 135lbs for 8 reps! With the constant knee issues I've had over the past 4 years, I was beginning to think heavy lifting wasn't attainable. But after much self-talk and working with an amazing coach, I finally got 135 on my back. I still have a way to go, but I'm super proud of this. Thank you Drew for pushing me and supporting me. You're awesome. Now on to 225! 😁 "