Where There is a Will...

About a week ago I hurt my wrist on a heavy front squat attempt. Instead of letting this set back upset me and cause me to quit. I have been trying new workouts. Things that make me uncomfortable. These workouts have caused me to grow as an athlete and person. It is still hard.
But I know I'll find a way, because that's what successful people do. Resourcefulness. That's how shit gets done!

Everyday I have people ask me how much my coaching costs. And the ones that say "I can't afford that", I know they wouldn't be successful in achieving what they want to anyway. As much as that sounds ass-holish, it's the truth.

The successful people will say "Ok! I'll find a way! Let's do it!" And, that's really the only difference.

Where there's a will, there's a way.

Andrew ShoemakerComment