Few words from the client


Crazy Mary Dobson


[Background: Crazy Mary has been professional wrestling for nearly 5 years, and Olympic weightlifting for 2 years.]

“I have been weightlifting now for almost 2 years and I am absolutely in love with the sport. When I first started weightlifting I loved the accountability of having a coach to not only push you and teach you right, but to also be there for you when you were not even there for yourself. A coach is a huge part in my opinion on what makes or breaks an athlete, and not until recently did I realize that finding the RIGHT coach would make or break you. My first year and a half of weightlifting I was conflicted about my coach and did not know how to go about it. I am a very loyal person and I believe you get what you get back so I gave my all to my coach like any athlete should, and put my full trust into my coach. Like any lifter when I first started I was hitting PRs left and right but when injury hit due to my job, I hit a plateau that I could not over come by myself. I was having a really difficult time emotionally and physically when it came to my lifts and was not receiving the support I needed from my coach. Eventually things came to an end with my old coach then I started receiving coaching from Drew. I have not only PR’d my lifts but I've over come all my mobility issues with just a few simple adjustments to form and some simple accessory work! I cannot tell you how much of a breath of fresh air it is to have a coach who understands who you are and puts together a program for you on which you thrive. I have never felt better, preformed better, and in my opinion looked better in my life. Drew has been more than a coach to me he has also became a great friend. Every kilo I lift efficiently and pain free over my head I owe to him!!!” –Crazy Mary Dobso