Invest in Yourself

Over the last month and a half VJ has lost more than 20lbs working with me. He started at over 255lbs and weighed in the other day at 232lbs. I’m so proud of the work VJ and I have accomplished.

Talking with him yesterday he disclosed to me something extremely interesting. “If I weren’t paying for this, I wouldn’t do it.” That’s something huge that most people don’t realize. VJ realizes that he is investing in himself and his own accountability. Money is the highest form of accountability.

As unfortunate as it is that we live in such a monetarily based society, it is also a blessing. We are able to invest in ourselves with something as trivial as a piece of paper. That piece of paper that you hand over translates into determination, accountability, and hard work!

Everyone wants to lose weight, look good, feel great, put on muscle, etc… But what is it that’s stopping most people? Investment! What is stopping people from achieving their goals is lack of investment. Not in a product, or a service, but investment in themselves.

I have given out free programs and free coaching cues in the past. It never ceases to fail, it falls on deaf ears. Why? It is because the recipient is not invested. 
�How do we get around this issue? When I have new clients and I explain to them the pricing and payment plans I offer, I always make it clear that they are investing in themselves. You’re not investing in me as a trainer/coach. YOU ARE INVESTING IN YOURSELF TO REACH YOUR GOALS!

So, you need to ask yourself “Am I worth $100, or $1000?”

Andrew Shoemaker