Coach Drew's Daily Checklist


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o   Ate 3-5 meals

o   3 servings (4-6oz) of lean protein

o   2-3 servings of vegetables

o   1-2 servings of fruits

o   1-4 servings of complex (nutrient dense) carbohydrates

  • Servings of carbs are dependent on body weight goals.
  • Want to lose weight, eat less carbs.
  • Want to gain, eat more carbs.

o   8+ Glasses of water (64oz)


  Check off at least one of the 3 below, daily.

o   30 minutes or more of low intensity movement

Ex. Treadmill walking at a steady pace

o   Weight Training Session

o   15-20 Minutes of High Intensity Exercise

 Ex. Running, Sprints, Body Weight workout, Group Class exercise



 Check off at least 2 daily

o   Wrote in a journal (even 1 sentence)(self-reflection)

o   5-10 minutes of solitude and no electronics around (meditation)

o   Read 10 minutes or more of an actual real book

o   Take a 20 Minute Nap

o   Got 7-9 hours of sleep

o   Went on a 10+ minute walk outside with a significant other, or alone.

o   Found 3 things you love about your body

o   Complimented yourself 3 times

Andrew Shoemaker